We have updated our 2016 breakfast and lunch menus

With a New Year we’re bringing some updated offering to our breakfast menu and lunch menu items to the Ojai Cafe Emporium.  We have kept most of the favorites and staples but added some new choices and takes and options to other dishes.  We’re always trying to innovate and keep moving forward with new flavors and tastes for regulars and visitors alike.  We monitor feedback on our social pages like Facebook, Google Maps, and Yelp to get ideas about what works and doesn’t.  We hope that you find some of our new changes intriguing and come in and enjoy a breakfast or lunch with us soon.  We’re looking forward to another great year with everyone!

So what has changed in our breakfast menu

We’ve made our breakfast offerings more customizable and clear so that newcomers can get some of the most popular regular items as well. That means that we’ve highlighted the popular Cranberry Orange Muffin and our delicious Ginger White Scone. You can get these early morning when the bakery opens at 6:30 AM before the full kitchen fires up.

But if you’re a little late or want a full spread we now allow you to build your own breakfast with your favorite staples and sides.

Come for lunch and see why we’re a favorite Ojai staple

We know many of you out there just want a classic quesadilla and we’ve now highlighted that on the menu so you don’t have remember to ask your server for a special order. But don’t fret we’ve now named our quesadilla to be deluxe with all the toppings and stuffing’s you’l love. We’ve also highlighted our cafe pasta alfredo, garden vegetarian pasta, and have a great beer and wine list. We hope you enjoy the changes to the receipies and the menu layout and makeup so you can find and enjoy a downtown lunch as well.

You can check out our full menu here or

download our breakfast menu by clicking here


download our lunch menu here.

Either way we hope you actually check out the menu in person and join us for a great meal!


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