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Recently the Fiscal Times released a popular list of the 25 most livable cities in the United States. Unfortunately Southern Californian’s are only represented by one very special place by the name of Santa Barbara. However, luckily for anyone wanting to see what the fuss is about can also explore another consistently lauded small city in Ojai! In fact, many tourists do just that already and fall in love with downtown Ojai’s small town charm, friendly people, gorgeous valley, and local shops and restaurants. And, of course, if you find yourself in downtown Ojai take a quick stroll to the Ojai Café Emporium and see why we’re one of the favorite places to grab a bite to eat in the entire valley for decades!

If you’re heading North on the 101 towards Santa Barbara you can get to Ojai in 15 minutes by exiting to Highway 33 and following it all the way to Ojai Avenue and then into town!  If you’re already in Santa Barbara we recommend taking the very beautiful backroad of Highway 150 into Ojai.  Please refer to our contact page to find a map of Ojai and our location. Many people call ahead to get directions as well. We love hearing from visitors what they think of our town so please come by and enjoy.

Spend a couple hours and visit us in Ojai when visiting Santa Barbara!

In case you were curious why Santa Barbara ranked so high you can read Fiscal Time’s description below:

4. Santa Barbara, California

Commonly referred to as the “American Riviera” thanks to its beautiful beaches, high mountains and cultural treasures, Santa Barbara is located about two hours north of Los Angeles. Several wineries can be found nearby, as well as many opportunities to hike, swim and go boating. With many resorts and hotels on its coastline, Santa Barbara’s economy hinges on tourism, but also has a strong service sector with top employers in industries ranging from manufacturing to technology and education.

Population: 89,062

Median Household Income: $65,034

Median Home Price: $832,100

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